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Justice and Judgment

We find ourselves in a culture that not only wants to rewrite history but our dictionaries. Words matter!

July Liberty


Liberty, most who have not fought for it will never understand the cost and value of this preciouns treasure


After the Internet

Life after the internet seems beyond us but the time it consumes and information overload in dangerous

May US%20Crosshairs

US in Crosshairs

2019 will go down in history as the largest agriculture disaster in the United States, is this the beginning?

April Who%20do%20you%20trust

Trust and Belief

In a day and age that trust in the information we are recieving who and what do we believe?

7 Disaster

We are not in control

When disaster strikes we realize that we are not in control! Our trust and faith have to be increased to believe in the Lord..

10 Time%20to%20reflect

Demons abound 

One only has to look around the world we find ourselves living in and realize there is evil and a demonicpresence in the world.

2 %20Calif%20to%20Pot

The drug culture is legal

What for centuries was not only considded immoral has now become llegal across America.

COVID 20! What's Next


Broken Foundations